Click Clack Cabinets has a large range of marble, granite and caesarstone for modern benches. We can replace your old kitchen doors for new exciting colours and finishes including high quality timber.

Click Clack Cabinets are industry leaders with over 10 years of manufacturing experience. We offer high quality materials and service to the marketplace and our friendly staff will assist you the entire way from design to installation, so feel free to call or email anytime. 
— Ilia Medvedev - Company Director

Feature 1

This high end, custom made kitchen is a popular style many home renovators have been choosing. The island marble counter-top is an eye-catching piece for this open-planned kitchen, dining and living room space. The push-to-open cabinets fit perfectly together and allow for spacious and convenient storage. The dark colours and mirror splashback are excellent features that gives this kitchen a modern, sophisticated look. 

kitchen 4.jpg

Feature 2

This is another marble counter-top, but serves a cleaner, sensible style. We can work around the floor space and layout of your home to create a kitchen that is efficient and maximises space for storage and usability. Kitchen stools can fit conveniently under the bench, and despite the counter being connected to the wall the layout still allows for an open plan use and for easy filtering in and out of the kitchen space.

kitchen 2.jpg

Feature 3

This is one of our granite benches. Granite has many great advantages like being a more durable stone than marble, making it resistant to food acids and scratches. It also looks fantastic, and has a variety of colour and pattern combinations depending on the different stones it's melded with. Requiring minimal maintenance, granite is definitely something you should consider when designing your kitchen.

kitchen 35.jpg