Click Clack Cabinets manufacture all types of furniture to your specific needs and taste, including built in robes, dining tables, chairs, beds to desks and storage solutions to create your ideal office environment. We also offer a large range of children furniture including: tall boys, changing tables and soon cots. So whatever your furniture needs are, here at Click Clack Cabinets we can help.

We believe in the highest quality of materials, delivering living essentials that cover all aspects of your home

Feature 1

Set your living room apart with some custom made furniture that will give your home character and charm. We work with a variety of materials to work with every space and style imaginable. This timber furniture frames an elegant fireplace and a TV of any size, with push-to-open cabinets below for convenient storage of television consoles, DVDs and cords. The shelves above are the perfect place to display your favorite possessions, with hidden lights above to highlight them well.  

furniture 3.jpg

Feature 2

Add some personality to that empty corner of a room with an eye-catching bookshelf or closet. Choose from a variety of timbers and other material for us to use as we finely craft your next furniture piece.

furniture 11.jpg

Feature 3

Wall suspended shelves add an element of whimsy to your home as well as deftly hiding all those cables and cords you might otherwise trip over.

furniture 10.jpg